Bonhomme SEALS 

Adult Fellowship

Young Adults

The Bonhomme SEALS [Seniors Engaged in Active Living and Service] is a vibrant ministry designed by, with, and for older adults who are active, energetic, and want to make a difference in the life of their family, community and world. The diverse menus of programs, classes, and events is scheduled throughout the year to foster spiritual growth, provide information on healthy living, educations programs and fellowship opportunities for older adults.
If you’re not a senior and not in your twenties, that means you are a bonafide adult! Parties, social hour, nights out, concerts, support groups, lunches. You name it, we can make it happen. We hope to reintroduce the progressive dinners of Bonhomme past and really, truly get to know our Bonhomme family.
Growing young adults in faith, service and fellowship in the Lord, Jesus. That’s what we are about. We believe that there is a gap in many churches for individuals who have graduated high school but are not yet “young parents.” So to fill that gap, our Young Adult ministry is here to foster continued growth in faith throughout your twenties.
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For information about upcoming Adult Fellowship opportunities, please contact Cypress Garrett >Email
For information about upcoming Young Adult fellowship opportunities, please contact Christine Jenkins >Email