How Do I Give?

1. Log into the Bonhomme Portal by clicking the GIVE button to the right a and enter your user name and password
2. Choose the YOUR GIVING menu option
3. Click the GIVE NOW button on the right side
4. In the first drop-down menu (GIVE TO…, ) choose ALMS GIVING
5. Enter amount
6. Choose method of payment
7. CONTINUE and complete giving prompts

Harambee is a ministry of Restore St. Louis and it is the recipient of the Bonhomme Lenten Almsgiving. Harambee is a Swahili word which means “let’s pull together!” Harambee Youth Training has its roots in a small ministry of New City Fellowship Church (NCF), which began in 1996 to give job training and mentoring to a few young men. Today, Harambee has grown into a separate 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization which partners with many other local churches, businesses, and organizations. We use a combination of volunteer community service projects and classroom training to give at-risk urban youth an opportunity to learn a healthy work ethic, self-discipline, confidence, and team dynamics as well as profitable skills in the construction trades.