Church Planting: Our Strategy

Spring 2017 is the time for gathering.

Any and all folks interested in participating in any way with the church planting efforts at Bonhomme are invited to connect with one another as we seek Jesus’ plan for us. During Lent (March-April), we are gathering together in small groups in various homes at various times during the week. Please join us anytime! Just email Chris and he’ll get you connected. We will continue gathering a community after Lent in large and small groups as folks respond to the invitation to participate. >Email


Summer 2017 will be a time of preparing for the launch of a Missional Community.

A Missional Community is a group of Bonhomme folks who worship together, grow together in community, and serve together, and they do these things “out” on the mission field of West County.

Fall 2017 will be a time of launching a Missional Community.

Those who have gathered in the spring, and have prepared in the summer, will begin meeting at a “missional outpost,” a public space (TBD) in West County on Sunday mornings in order to provide an accessible Christian community for the local residents.

Winter 2018 and beyond will be a time of growth, learning, and multiplication

in the first Missional Community with the hope that we will multiply communities into other areas of the county and city in the ensuing years.