Being Served and Serving Others 

Growing disciples of Jesus Christ. That’s what resonates through everything we do here at Bonhomme. But growing disciples of Jesus isn’t contained within the walls of our West County church campus. We strive to multiply and gather new disciples of Jesus everyday. To learn more about how Bonhomme serves in our church community and beyond our walls, visit our Community Care, Missions and Church Planting pages below.


Serving in His Name

At Bonhomme, we are blessed with a wealth of brothers and sisters who serve our church in countless ways, making it the church home we know today. One of the first things new members of Bonhomme complete is an inventory of spiritual gifts. Using their gifts, members serve our church. How can you serve? What are your gifts?

Serve through Teaching

Do you have a gift for working with young children, older students, or even teaching adults? Our Children’s Ministry is always in need of adults to shepherd and guide little ones in their journey of knowing Jesus. The Bonhomme Student Ministry seeks mentors for growing students in their faith. Throughout the year, Bonhomme offers Spiritual Formation classes and Small Group studies (Growth Groups.) Perhaps you feel called to lead. Regardless, let us help you utilize your spiritual gifts to serve.
Children’s Ministry Contact: Mary Oldfield >Email
Student Ministry Contact: Janelle Mosley >Email
Adult Ministry Contact: AmyRuth Bartlett >Email


Serve through Greeting

Imagine walking through the doors of a new church for the first time? A friendly, smiling face and a welcoming handshake or hug can mean the world to someone who is unsure and awkwardly navigating his or her way through the doors of a new environment. Even for our current Bonhomme members, walking into Bonhomme and being greeted by a friendly face begins the awesome experience of worship.
Greeters are needed in both Contemporary and Traditional Worship.
Traditional Worship Contact: Cyndy Fleissner>Email
Contemporary Worship Contact: Mary Morgan >Email


Serve through Praise

Do you have a musical gift? One of our favorite ways to give praise and prayer to Jesus is through music. Bonhomme has a variety of ways to share your spiritual gift of music! The Bonhomme Chancel Choir and Bonhomme Ringers frequently give praise during Traditional Worship. And, our children’s music program runs strong with choirs for a variety of ages, as well as a handbell group. In addition, Praise Team members fill Steffen Hall with contemporary Christmas music each Sunday during our Contemporary Worship service. For the full schedule of choirs and rehearsal times, click HERE.
Contemporary Worship (Praise Team) Contact: John Benda >Email
Bonhomme Choirs and Handbells Contact: Lynn Packwood >Email


Serve through Production

Behind-the-scenes work is mandatory–and very much appreciated–here at Bonhomme. During worship, sound and light can creating lasting effects on how people experience Jesus. It is important to be present, but also to hear and see clearly to fully engage in a worship service. Do you have a technical gift for sound and light support? 
Contemporary Worship Contact: John Benda >Email
Traditional Worship Contact: Lynn Packwood >Email


Serve through Worship Leading

Bonhomme is excited to welcome on board a new Director of Contemporary Worship who will lead our worship and praise on Sundays. However, sometimes, we are in need of substitute worship leaders. If you or anyone you know feels called to lead worship at Bonhomme, we’d love to hear from you.
Contemporary Worship Contact: John Benda >Email

Urgent Needs at Bonhomme

Community Care Ministry Seeks Drivers 

Imagine wanting to attend worship on Sunday morning, to see your friends, to listen to a sermon about Jesus and his love for you… and then not being able to drive to get there. The Community Care team is starting a ministry to help members of our congregation who need a ride to church on a regular basis. Contact Cathy Lasater for more information if you are interested in helping or are in need of ongoing transportation.

Help Keep our Campus Beautiful

Looking for a way to serve but has time off during the busy winter holidays and R&R the rest of the winter?…Service allowing for your choice of timing once or twice a month from early April through October that will give a boost to Bonhomme’s welcoming and cared-for character? Here are some of the Main Campus basic needs:
• One or two to care for, mainly weed, along the recently upgraded, shared Memorial Garden entrance and South entrance to the Community Room Lobby.
• Someone to keep tidy the Little Lime blooms (clip off the brown ones) in that region…That would be late fall.
• Landscape maintenance around the new Highway 4o sign: We would like to plant the area around the new Bonhomme sign along the Outer Road, but that requires a dedicated caretaker or two to keep a lookout for any weeds. It is proposed to contain small evergreens lined up with intermittent sections of blooming plants. No pruning should be required.
• Someone to enter and occasionally weed the raised bed in the Children’s Playground. This needs to be done on weekends or after 3 p.m. on weekdays.
General Main Campus Needs:
• Someone good at pruning to prune an occasional special plant only when we have that specific need…no massive pruning.
• Someone to spray weeds as they begin to appear in the South Parking Lot islands of Crab Apples Trees.
RecPlex Needs:
• Detailed person with excellent aim to spray weeds as they begin to appear in the Juniper beds of the south wall, as well as to pull any weeds too close to the Junipers to spray.
• A careful person to spray weeds attempting to grow in the walking path or at the very edge of path.
General RecPlex Needs:
• People to closely observe trees as they walk the area and let us know of any potential problems arising! You don’t even need to sign up for this one, just do it. However, we are happy to provide you with a “tree map” for ease in communicating which tree has a problem. Please consider sharing your talent and call us for questions.