Sundays at Bonhomme: Growth Hour

What exactly happens on Sundays from 9:45-10:45 am? Some of the words used to describe this hour are “Sunday school,” “spiritual formation,” “Christian education” and even just “classes.” We know that there’s something for everyone during that hour: from infants to children to students and youth to all manner of adults, but why exactly, are we gathering people together for that hour? In short: to help us all grow as disciples of Jesus. Our community exists to help new people discover Jesus and to help all of us grow as his disciples. Bonhomme, is, after all, where faith grows. And that’s exactly what this hour is dedicated to: providing environments where we can grow as disciples. So think of this Sunday morning hour as “Growth Hour.” Ask yourself, “How does God want to grow me as a disciple over the next couple of months?”

Sundays at 9:45 am | Session 1 [October 22-December 13]

I & II Peter [Curt Ruhlman, Room 3208]

A study of the First and Second Epistles of Peter. Originally addressed to persecuted believers of the first century, these words encourage us to face trials with a living hope, certain of Christ’s return, and wrn us of the danger of false teaching and spiritual laziness. We will take these same lessons written for those believers and seek to find their practical use by us in our time.

Sermon Discussion Group [Jim Graham, Room 3224]

In this class we will study the scriptures used in (or relating to) the sermon with attention paid to background, context etc. We then move into a discussion of the sermon message and application to our lives.

Old-Fashioned Bible Study [Tom Hobson, Community Room]

This class is designed to be less lecture, more sharing and prayer for people’s needs, and more discussion – like in the old days!
We will study two or three famous sound bites from each of the twelve Minor Prophets (Hosea thru Malachi), at the rate of one prophet per week, with a minimum of initial background from the leader.  [If you haven’t tried a small group yet, try this one.]

Happy 500th Anniversary, Protestant Reformation! [Jim Keim & Terry Grogam, Room 3226]

Learn why and how it started, meet Luther and Calvin, hear what it accomplished, and why it is still relevant today. We will cover six Sundays, 12 engaging DVD talks (22-24 min. each) with church historian, Robert Godfrey.

Kingdom Parents: Taste of Alpha [Don Everts, Room 3205]

Our growing group of active parents will be spending this fall exploring the person of Jesus and the basics of the Christian faith as Don Everts walks us through a “Taste of Alpha”. Expect lots of conversation and dialogue!

Prayer Team Available [Watson Chapel]

The Prayer Team is available to pray for you during this time. Come in, no appointment necessary, and no burden too big. We will lift it up together. We believe that when we pray, God always does something, even if we can’t see it.

For Students

High School Refuge [Janelle Mosley, Youth Lounge]

On Sunday mornings high schoolers come together to build trusting relationships along with theological depth! This fall we’ll be exploring life in Jesus through the exciting new Youth Alpha Film Series.


Middle School Sunday School [Bill Reddy & Drew Lindberg, Room 2107]

On Sunday mornings middle schoolers grow in our knowledge of God’s Word! This fall we’ll be studying about the life of Christ and the book of Revelation.
For more details about Bonhomme Student Ministry, click HERE.

For Children

Kids of the Kingdom Sunday School [Mary Oldfield, Start in Room 1319] [First through Fifth Grade]

Kids discover their place in the Big God Story.

Preschool & Kindergarten Sunday School [Mary Oldfield] [2s and 3s | Blue Room] [4s and 5s | Green Room]

Kids experience the wonder of who God is.

More than Childcare [Sue Kern, Nursery] [Six months up to two years old]

God’s Word brought to life for little ones.
For more details about Bonhomme Children’s Ministry, click HERE.