Sundays at Bonhomme: Growth Hour

What exactly happens on Sundays from 9:45-10:45 am? Some of the words used to describe this hour are “Sunday school,” “spiritual formation,” “Christian education” and even just “classes.” We know that there’s something for everyone during that hour: from infants to children to students and youth to all manner of adults, but why exactly, are we gathering people together for that hour? In short: to help us all grow as disciples of Jesus. Our community exists to help new people discover Jesus and to help all of us grow as his disciples. Bonhomme, is, after all, where faith grows. And that’s exactly what this hour is dedicated to: providing environments where we can grow as disciples. So think of this Sunday morning hour as “Growth Hour.” Ask yourself, “How does God want to grow me as a disciple over the next couple of months?”

Sundays at 9:45 am | Session VI [summer] 

A Taste of the Summit [Scott Martin, Room 3224]

Sit back and enjoy a sampling of what can happen when you realize that Everyone Has Influence. Even you!

June 3 Andy Stanley: Uniquely Better 

June 10 Sam Adeyemi: Leading from the Inside Out 

June 17 NO CLASS 

June 24 NO CLASS 

July 1 Marcus Buckingham: Reinventing Performance Management  

July 8 Immaculée Ilibagiza: The Act of Forgiveness 

July 15Angela Duckworth: Grit – The Power of Passion and Perspective 

Hath God Said: Silencing the Devil [Jim Keim & Terry Grogam, Room 3208]

This is a video lecture series by RC Sproul. 
Prayer Team Available [Prayer Room in Steffen Hall Lobby]
The Prayer Team is available to pray for you during this time. Come in, no appointment necessary, and no burden too big. We will lift it up together. We believe that when we pray, God always does something, even if we can’t see it.

Fireside Chats [Phil Hargrove, Kilby Commons]

Set aside the last Sunday of the month for a low-key conversation and time to share thoughts, prayer and praise.

For Students

It’s Summer! We’re taking Sunday morning Growth Hour off, but make sure you check out our page for a full listing of other summer events. Visit HERE.

For Children

Just like our older counterparts, Growth Hour on Sundays will shut down for the little ones. But we hope you register for our Vacation Bible School or check back in the Fall to attend Kids of the Kingdowm Growth Hour.
For more details about Bonhomme Children’s Ministry, click HERE.