Supporting our Church Through Ministry

Building and Ground

Whether you’re gifted in budgeting, spreadsheets or gardening, there is always a place to serve at Bonhomme. 

Nominations and Lay Leadership

Recruiting and training officers for ordained leadership


Human Resources

Supporting our vibrant staff team


Communications and Marketing

Connecting ministries with members and telling our story to our neighbors. To serve the Communications and Marketing Ministry, please contact Colleen Effer. To submit a communications request, please fill out a communications request form and then mail it to your Staff Ministry Leader.  Before you submit a communications request form, please review the scheduling document and then contact Irma Holycross to reserve a table or schedule a room.


Resourcing ministry and missions by raising up people to give


Budget and Finance

Facilitating the strategic, transparent management of the churches financial gifts


Building and Grounds

Maintaining and strategically improving the church campus

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