Tipping Point Grants at Bonhomme

In late 2014, Bonhomme received a generous bequest of $2.5 million, which established The Bicentennial Fund. In addition to creating stability through capital improvements and reserves, this fund was positioned to help Bonhomme lock in our Vision 2016 missional values by underwriting three strategic initiatives: Church Planting, Tipping Point Grants and Doors Wide Open Outreach for our bicentennial year.


We are currently accepting applications through the deadline of October 15, 2017.

Purpose of the Tipping Point Grants

The Tipping Point Grants were established as one-time strategic grants that would empower our church plants and mission partners to innovate or expand their kingdom work and footprint at key points in the life of their ministry.


In 2015, $250,000 of The Bicentennial Fund was earmarked for Tipping Point Grants to be disbursed at an average of $25,000 a year for 10 years. In 2017, $25,000 has been approved for distribution through the Bonhomme Tipping Point Grant program.

Award Criteria

In order to honor the initial purpose of the Tipping Point Grants and The Bicentennial Fund, applications will be evaluated, vetted and ranked based on the following criteria.
1. Current mission partners and Bonhomme church plants will be heavily prioritized over new missions/ministries that have no history with Bonhomme.
2. Grants will be awarded to efforts that truly innovate or expand a ministry’s kingdom work and footprint, rather than for ongoing expenses or debt reduction.
3. Efforts that seem to be particularly timely and strategic at a “key point” in the life of a ministry will ordinarily be prioritized over efforts that could be undertaken any year.
4. To help avoid unhealthy dependence, applicants that have a clear plan for sustainability, over time, of their efforts will receive extra consideration.
5. In order to spread the impact of the grants, grants ordinarily will not be awarded to the same organization two years in a row.
6. To avoid redundancy and look for areas of strategic synergy, current Missions Ministry giving and recent Bonhomme Foundation grants will be kept in mind when evaluating applications for Tipping Point Grants.

Application Process and Questions

By following the link on this page, church planters and missions partners can fill out an online application form.
For your consideration, prior to clicking the button, the questions on the form are:
1. Name of requestor and contact information.
2. Name of organization, mission of organization and website for more information.
3. Describe the history and nature of the partnership that exists between Bonhomme and this organization, including a history of “boots-on-the-ground” as well as financial partnership.
4. What would this money be used for and how, specifically, would it help innovate or expand the ministry’s footprint?
5. How much money is being requested?
6. Why is this the right time for such an effort? How will this grant help you grow the Kingdom of God?
7. What other funds and resources are being brought to bear to make this effort a success?

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Once completed, all applications will be vetted and evaluated by the Bonhomme Foundation, which will make a recommendation on this year’s Tipping Point Grants to Bonhomme’s Session. Bonhomme’s Session will decide on the final award(s) and these will be announced around the holidays.

2016 Recipients

Kellerman/Wycliff Bible Translators: $7,000

Offered a detailed breakdown of stages to achieve a desired alcohol rehabilitation program for the Batwa tribe in Uganda (the tribe was displaced in 1992). The granted funds will support Phase 3 of their plan to establish work programs to give the Batwa rehabilitation through jobs and various daily tasks to restore their sense of worth and hope.  Bonhomme has been a long-time supporter of Paul and Barbara Thomas through Wycliff.
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From Paul Thomas, upon visiting the Batwa:

While there, I found out about funding progress. It turns out that the Canadian government gave the hospital a three year grant, and part of that grant was to fund the establishment of three more alcoholism groups for Batwa. (Eventually, they will want to get to ten total settlements–six more–within this hospital’s service area.) Also, another grant recently came through to hire a psychiatric nurse. So now the program as we proposed to you for funding is running on all cylinders. So thanks again for the grant. I’ll continue to update you as I get information.

Isaiah 58 Ministries: $5,500

Another long-time partner of Bonhomme, requested funds to purchase a van for Soul Sisters Women’s Empowerment group. This grant will serve as a down payment on, or help to offset the continued monthly rental, of a van.

Habitat for Humanity: $5,500

Requested funds to initiate the building of five homes in the Hazelwood area, as a first project in that community.  As a 20-year partner with Habitat St. Louis, Bonhomme is blessed to offer the additional funding.
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From Harper Zielonko, Resource Development Relationship Manager

This is wonderful news! Thank you so much for supporting Habitat and our projects! We have such exciting things coming in the year ahead and we are looking forward to having Bonhomme out working with us.


Presbyterian Children’s Home and Services of Missouri: $5,000

Bonhomme partners for 25 years, requested funds for computers equipment, and software for three medical case managers.  The software will allow the organization to properly manage state-mandated medical records for children throughout their term in foster care; and to ensure that all children are kept up-to-date on all checkups, inoculations, and health screenings.
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From Marcia Hawkins-Hourd, PCHAS

On behalf of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, THANK YOU!  We serve children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned.  Your generous support allows us to continue the important work that we do.   I look forward to continuing the great relationship/partnership for years to come.

Again, thank you Bonhomme Presbyterian Church for being so gracious to PCHAS!

Young Life: $2,000

Partnering with Bonhomme through individuals and scout troops since 2006, requested funds for Bibles and for scholarships to send children to their week-long camp, an often, life-changing event, and touted as the “Best Week of their Life”.
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