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At Bonhomme, we never stop growing in faith. We thirst for knowledge and excel in spiritual formation. Classes can help you learn more about God’s true word, the Bible. Small groups can help you form friendships and learn more about our church. From small groups to Sunday school to Growth Night on Wednesdays,  find something that intrigues you or excites you to learn more and grow your faith.
Bonhomme is blessed to have its very own library on our campus. You can always find books that accompany our classes, videos for folks of all ages and quite an array of faith-filled books for children and teens.
The Library is located down the hall from Kilby Commons, across from the Youth Lounge, with additional children’s books near the Book Nook. The self-service library is available anytime the church building is open. To check out a book, simply complete the card in the back of the book and drop it into the box; make sure to return it within two weeks.
Located in Kilby Commons, the Book Nook is a one-stop gift shop of religious gifts ranging from Bibles and books, to toys and jewelry. If your loved one is celebrating confirmation, marriage or is just in need of prayer and a special loving gift, please stop by and shop.
For a list of classes, click HERE.
To find a small group, please contact Amy Slone >Email.
For a complete online catalog of the Bonhomme Library, click HERE.
To volunteer in the Book Nook, or for more information, please contact Anne Mount >Email.