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The Bonhomme SEALS [Seniors Engaged in Active Living and Service] is a vibrant ministry designed by, with, and for older adults who are active, energetic, and want to make a difference in the life of their family, community and world. The diverse menus of programs, classes, and events is scheduled throughout the year to foster spiritual growth, provide information on healthy living, educations programs and fellowship opportunities for older adults.
If you’re not a senior and not in your twenties, that means you are a bonafide adult! Parties, social hour, progressive dinners, nights out, concerts, support groups, lunches. All these are opportunities to really, truly get to know our Bonhomme family.
This Bible Study is for young women between the ages of 23-35. You are invited to join us every other Tuesday evening from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. Come ready to study God’s Word and build community with other young women of faith. Our group also enjoys social outings and fun gatherings for fellowship.
Events for young men are coming soon.
For more information about the Bonhomme SEALS, please contact Mary Bruning
For information about upcoming Adult Fellowship opportunities, please contact
For more information about college and young adult ministry, please contact Christine Jenkins. For information about the young women’s Bible study, contact Ashley Bennington.