Caring Ministries



Do you have questions about our Community Care ministries?


If you would like more information about one of these caring ministries, would like to request service, or to volunteer, please contact the person listed as the Bonhomme contact below. 

Card Ministry

Bonhomme sends annual birthday cards to those in our Bonhomme family aged 75 and over, signed by our pastors. Community Care also provides a card to welcome a new baby, and cards of encouragement for others who are ill, have lost a loved one, or face other life struggles.
Contact: Cathy Lasater >Email or 314-397-5984

Caring Connection Visitors

Members of this team visit the homebound, bringing comfort, companionship, and cheer to those who are unable to leave their homes.
Contact: Jennifer Kroll >Email or 636.484.0467

Floral Visiting Ministry

This ministry rearranges flowers from each Sunday’s worship service into bouquets, then delivers them to folks who are ill or homebound in order to bring a smile to those in need of loving care from their church family.
Contact: Judith Poe >Email or 314-566-7689

Heart and Soul Ministry

A bi-monthly, Wednesday night fellowship opportunity for students and adults with special needs which focuses on teaching Biblical truths about Jesus.
Contact: Nancy Albrecht >Email or 636-542-3868


A Biblically-based, Christ-centered support group for those facing the loss of a loved one. GriefShare meets weekly at one of four area churches, rotating locations quarterly.
Sept-Oct-Nov——Bonhomme Presbyterian Church
Dec-Jan-Feb——-Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church
Mar-Apr-May—–Pathfinder Church
Jun-July-Aug——King of Kings Lutheran Church
Contact: Clair Allyn  >Email or 314-324-9234

Hospital Visitation Ministry

Members of Bonhomme’s pastoral and professional staff visit hospitalized members of our church family. Please inform us if a member of your family is in the hospital.
Contact: Irma Holycross >Email or 636.532.3486

Homebound Communion

A group of ministers and specifically commissioned elders provide Communion to those who are unable to come to Bonhomme due to illness or infirmity.
Contact: Lisa Hartshorn >Email or 314-803-2553

Newborn Ministry

This ministry meets with families blessed with a newborn baby to deliver a meal, cradle cross, and other gifts and to provide support / resources as needed.
Contact: Jenni Stecher >Email or 314-518-4003

Meal Ministry

This team prepares meals for those in need, both as a team at church and individually at home. Everyone is encouraged to deliver a meal guaranteed to brighten someone’s day! It’s as easy as getting a frozen meal out of the middle row of the church freezer and logging it out on the meal sheet hanging on the wall to the left of the refrigerator door.
Contact: Chrissy Morgan >Email or 314-422-1445

Prayer Chain

Confidential prayer requests can be made by filling out the prayer request forms in the Traditional Worship pew or at the desk for Prayer Requests in the Narthex; by filling out the prayer request forms in Contemporary Worship found in the fellowship binders; through the Bonhomme website; or by contacting the ministry directly. To submit an online Prayer Request click HERE.
Contact: Cathy Lasater >Email