Childcare on Sundays


Safe, Loving Childcare Provided by Caring People in a Christian Environment

We provide childcare for children from six months old through pre-kindergarten for Sunday services. Other events extend that age range through fifth grade. Loving childcare is available during all worship services by caring and experienced staff. Blue Room care includes a Bible story and craft that reinforces the Sunday School lesson (when in session) or a lesson from the Pray and Play Bible. For more information about Bonhomme childcare, contact Jennifer Fee.

When is Childcare Provided?

Childcare is provided on Sundays for the 8:30 am Traditional Worship Service, during Growth Hour (Sunday School) at 9:45 am and during the 11 am Traditional and Contemporary Worship Services. Other events offer childcare and this will be advertised during the promotion of the event. 
How Do I Check In My Child?
Please sign in as you bring your child to childcare. The registration book (located in the assigned room) will have you provide your cell phone number and location should we need to contact you. We use a four-part sticker. The large sticker should contain your child’s name, your name, location, special instructions and boxes to check if you are a visitor or if you child has any allergies. We have a peanut-free facility. The other three stickers are to mark belongs and for parents to claim their children.

A Healthy Environment

Please do not bring children to childcare if they have a fever or have had a fever or have thrown up in the last 24 hours. Runny noses with yellow or green discharge, excessive coughing, unexplained rash would all be of concern. We want to maintain a healthy environment for all children.

Where Do I Bring My Child?

During worship services at Bonhomme, the following rooms have been reserved for childcare. 
During 8:30 and 11 am worship services:
Children six months through children not yet two years old (by July 31) meet in Room 1128 (Toddler Room)
Children two years old (by July 31) through pre-kindergarten meet in Room 1135 (Blue Room)
During 9:45 am Growth Hour (Sunday School):
Children six months through children not yet two years old (by July 31) meet in Room 1128 (Toddler Room)
Children two years of age (by July 31) and older can participate in Growth Hour (Sunday School.)

What to Bring

In your diaper bag be sure to include at least three diapers, a change of clothing, bottle or cup, and a “lovey” if needed. Peanut-free snacks are provided by the childcare team or you may bring your own peanut-free snacks. Please label all bags and possessions. Young children should find many things to do and will not need to bring toys. If they do need diapers, please label them.