Sunday Worship with Bonhomme Kids Church

 Welcome to Bonhomme Kids Church!  Children aged kindergarten through fifth grade can join us each Sunday–from their homes! Experience a multi-sensory, exciting adventure of learning about God’s true book the Bible as it comes to life through dynamic worship, activities, and most importantly, kid-sized biblical learning. Check back each week as we bring you a new lesson each Sunday.



Elementary Kids Church:                                                                     Preschool Treehouse Kids: David and the Giant
Worship-Father Abraham, Fathers house [Matthew 26:36-45]

First Through Fifth Graders

Kindergarteners and Younger




Have a discussion.

Elementary Questions:

1. Why did the disciples keep falling asleep?
2. Why did Jesus go alone to pray?
3. Was Jesus happy about what was going to happen?

 Thanks for joining us.

We are thrilled you and your tiny disciples were able to worship with us this morning. If you have questions about Children’s Ministry at Bonhomme, please give me a call. I would love to hear from you, meet you, discuss Jesus with you–anything to help grow your family’s faith.
Director of Children’s Ministry