Pastors, Staff, Elders, & Deacons

Rev. Dave Moore

Transitional Pastor 

Rev. Robby Cella 

Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Mission

Rev. Lynn Packwood

Minister of Music and Pastoral Care

Joe Sanders

Executive Director of Modern Worship

Elizabeth Harris

Director of Adult Ministry 

Thomas Hernandez

Director of Children's Ministry 

Simon Everts

Interim Director of Student Ministry 

Jennifer Fee 

Childcare Coordinator 

Sharon Rinklin

Director of Preschool and Kids Day Out

Mary Lewis

Asst. Director of Preschool and Kids Day Out

Cheryl Holland 

Executive Assistant and Human Resources Coordinator

Deanna Simpson 

Business Manager

Debbie Orf

Administrative Assistant 

Irma Holycross


Owen Punches 

Technical Support Specialist

Bill Reddy

Facilities Manager 

Michael Pittman


our deacons and elders