Park RecPlex

Welcome to the newest spot on our Bonhomme campus!

We hope everyone who visits the Park RecPlex enjoys all this space has to offer, from the sport court to the walking trail. Whether engaging in peaceful prayer and meditation or a competitive game of basketball, this space will help grow a community in the name of Jesus.

Want to Use the RecPlex?

The Park RecPlex is meant to be used by Bonhomme members as well as the greater West County community. If you would like to reserve the sport court, the field, or a meditation area in advance, please contact Irma Holycross during church office hours at 636.532.3486 or to complete a Meeting Request Form. If you just happen to stop by the Park RecPlex and would like to use it immediately, please check our Bonhomme Church Calendar to make sure the space is not already reserved. If it isn’t, please just let us know you stopped by and complete the form below.

Policy and Rules

1. Park RecPlex and trail are opened to Bonhomme Church families, guests and neighbors
2. During normal business hours we ask anyone wanting to use the facility to check in at the Bonhomme Church front desk (located on the Conway Road side of our building)
3. After hours please check in online using the reservation system
4 .If you have any questions, or need assistance with the Sport Court systems, please contact Fred Breitenwischer at 636.577.7127.



Any Bonhomme Church event takes priority. You can always verify availability using reservation system
First come first serve
The Park RecPlex is open for use 7am-10pm daily
Individuals under 18 must have an parent/grandparent/guardian or Bonhomme Church adult representative present
Clean up after use and  place any trash in dumpsters 
Close court gate and return equipment to storage after use

Any large event (more than 25 people) should get approval from an individual ministry leader and/or Bonhomme Church facilities administrator

Sport Court Uses

Shuffleboard Rules


Pickle Ball Rules