Tipping Point Grants

In late 2014, Bonhomme received a generous bequest of $2.5 million, which established The Bicentennial Fund. In addition to creating stability through capital improvements and reserves, this fund was positioned to help Bonhomme lock in our Vision 2016 missional values by underwriting three strategic initiatives: Church Planting, Tipping Point Grants and Doors Wide Open Outreach for our bicentennial year. In 2015, $250,000 of The Bicentennial Fund was earmarked for Tipping Point Grants to be disbursed at an average of $25,000 a year for 10 years.
We are currently accepting applications for Tipping Point Grants through the deadline of December 8, 2021.



The Tipping Point Grants were established as one-time strategic grants that would empower our church plants and mission partners to innovate or expand their kingdom work and footprint at key points in the life of their ministry.

Award Criteria

In order to honor the initial purpose of the Tipping Point Grants and The Bicentennial Fund, applications will be evaluated, vetted and ranked based on the following criteria.
1. Current mission partners and Bonhomme church plants will be heavily prioritized over new missions/ministries that have no history with Bonhomme.
2. Grants will be awarded to efforts that truly innovate or expand a ministry’s kingdom work and footprint, rather than for ongoing expenses or debt reduction.
3. Efforts that seem to be particularly timely and strategic at a “key point” in the life of a ministry will ordinarily be prioritized over efforts that could be undertaken any year.
4. To help avoid unhealthy dependence, applicants that have a clear plan for sustainability, over time, of their efforts will receive extra consideration.
5. In order to spread the impact of the grants, grants ordinarily will not be awarded to the same organization two years in a row.
6. To avoid redundancy and look for areas of strategic synergy, current Mission Ministry giving, and recent Bonhomme Foundation grants will be kept in mind when evaluating applications for Tipping Point Grants.
Application Process
By following the link below, church planters and mission partners can fill out an online application form. Once completed, all applications will be vetted and evaluated by The Bonhomme Foundation, which will make a recommendation on this year’s Tipping Point Grants to Bonhomme’s Session. The Session will decide on the final award(s) and these will be announced late December.


2020 Recipients


Bridge Bread



The Haven of Grace



Isaiah 58 Ministries