Pray and Care with Us

The Bonhomme campus is currently closed. Programs, classes and in-person worship are not taking place. Upon recommendations from experts in St. Louis County, we will reevaluate how we can begin to reopen our campus for programs, classes and in-person worship. Check back here on our website for updates on how Bonhomme will continue to serve you and pray with you during the next several weeks.


About Us

We’ve been growing in West County since 1816. We are centered on Jesus and anchored in the Bible, with a bias towards the intergenerational and the missional.


Meet Our Staff

We come from all walks of Christianity to lead and serve, deploying laypeople to use their gifts to fulfill our church’s calling.



Plan Your Visit

Later this Spring, we hope you join us on a Sunday. Connect with Jesus, our church family, or simply enjoy worshiping with others.