Inviting everyone to hear and respond.

You are invited to a seat at our table.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) introduced new guidelines on May 13 about masking and vaccinations.  If you have been vaccinated, you may go without masks, both indoors and out. St. Louis County also rescinded mask and social distancing regulations on Friday, May 14.
Starting Sunday, May 30, reservations will no longer be required for worship services. During worship services, we will reserve a section of our Sanctuary and Steffen Hall as “masks-required.” These rows will remain blocked for social distancing for the time being. 
We will continue to Livestream our worship services every week and you can find those services on our website, on our Facebook page, and on our church YouTube channel. Anyone who cannot attend in person is encouraged to join us online, so we will be able to continue to serve you.
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About Us

We’ve been growing in West County since 1816. We are centered on Jesus and anchored in the Bible, with a bias towards the intergenerational and the missional.


Meet Our Staff

We come from all walks of Christianity to lead and serve, deploying laypeople to use their gifts to fulfill our church’s calling.



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Later this year, we hope you join us on a Sunday. Connect with Jesus, our church family, or simply enjoy worshiping with others. 

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The Book of Acts: Witness Boldly; and Preach to Power

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At Bonhomme, we are actively growing in faith, serving others and loving others as Jesus loved us.




 We have thriving Adult, Student and Children Ministries to foster mentoring between generations and a love for Him and others while walking beside you on your journey of faith.

Obstacle Course Instruction



We seek to love, bless, and serve others in Jesus’ name as we embody the Good News in West County, the City of St. Louis, and other countries as agents of mercy, justice, and grace.

Communion, Homebound


Community Care

Our Community Care Ministry helps people experience care and healing. Whether you need help or prayer, we offer a wide range of resources to support our church family.

Our Vision

Inviting everyone to hear and respond.



God is actively seeking after people.
God calls us to invite others.
Every invitation is an act of love.


EVERYONE is Welcome

God’s kingdom is for everyone. Multigenerational is beautiful.
God has something for everyone.



Disciples HEAR from God

God is alive, active, and interested.
God speaks through his Word.
God speaks through his Spirit.


Disciples RESPOND to God

When God speaks, we should respond. Authenticity & relationship are central.
Repentance & obedience are lifegiving.


GriefShare at Bonhomme | June 6-August 29

GriefShare will be offered at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church starting Sunday, June 6 and running through August 29, 1pm-3pm in the Community Room. 
GriefShare is a special weekly seminar/support group that is Biblically based and Christ-centered. It is for people grieving the death of someone close. It’s a place where you can be around people who understand how you feel in the pain of your loss. At GriefShare, you will learn valuable information that will help you through this difficult time in your life. Each session includes a video seminar and group discussions. There is a workbook that assists you with note-taking, journaling, and grief study. The videos feature top experts on grief recovery and real life stories of people that have gone through loss in their lives.  Each video seminar/support meeting is self-contained so that you may start at anytime.  The sessions are open to all.
Register at
For more information contact Clair Allyn, 314.324.9234

Congregational Meeting | June 13

We need to call a congregational meeting, Sunday, June 13, 2021. Your corporate board and Session believe this is very routine, but it does still need the approval of our congregation according to our bylaws. We will have this meeting DURING WORSHIP on Sunday, June 13, 2021, a practice we have learned from other larger churches. At our Traditional Service, the meeting will take place at 9:00 a.m. during my opening announcements. At the Modern Service, the meeting will take place during the time shared by the host for the service. Here are the details:

A motion will be presented from our Corporation Board, also having been approved by our Session, to grant an easement to the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) for an existing condition as part of the stormwater management system comprised of a stormwater inlet and drainpipe to be located at the Southwest corner of the Old Stone Church property at Conway Road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we get financial support for the erosion project from MSD? No. But we have received their cooperation and support in the permitting process.

Q: Will MSD construct something there? No. The inlet and drainpipe are already in place.

Q: Why wasn’t the easement handled earlier? At the time of the development to the west of the Old Stone Church, the developer deeded the west side of the road by the Old Stone Church to Bonhomme Presbyterian Church. The developer also relocated White Road to its current location. Bonhomme Presbyterian Church condemned a portion of the road by the Old Stone Church and made it our own property. At the time, MSD should have requested the easement, but they neglected to do so. Now they are recognizing the oversite and correcting it by asking for access if necessary. 

Q: Is there any risk to not granting the easement? We might lose goodwill with MSD, and it might jeopardize the permitting for our erosion project.

Q: What if there is debate or lengthy discussion at the Congregational Meeting? We will suspend the meeting and schedule a time when the congregation can meet as a whole.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this congregational meeting. Thank you for sharing the journey of faith (and of church business when necessary!) with me.

In Christ,
Dave Moore
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Later this year, we hope you worship with us in person on a Sunday. If you need help with transportation let us know and we’ll pick you up! Contact the Church Office at the number to the right.



Sundays at 9 and 10:30 am
Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary at 9 am
Modern Worship in Steffen Hall at 10:30 am
14820 Conway Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Monday through Friday | 8 am-4:30 pm

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We are all ministers of Christ who feel we’ve accepted a mission to serve at Bonhomme. We want to know who you are. Complete the form, ask your questions and we’ll get back to you.


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