bonhomme nametags

As Bonhomme Presbyterian Church moves into 2023 we are intentionally moving to bring us closer in common unity, as a community of God! Foundational to common unity is getting to know one another better beginning with our names. To that end, we are hoping everyone will wear a nametag on Sunday and at all church events to help us connect and get to know one another, and the nametags will be a real bonus for Pastor Jim!  If you still have your nametag, please wear it every Sunday!  If you’ve lost your nametag or never had one, click below to order a new nametag!  And the best news is we will now have a magnetic nametag board in Kilby Commons to keep your nametag safe, so when you walk into church, head to the nametag board!

Nametags are available in magnetic or pin form [for those with pacemakers].  
Nametags are available at no charge now through January 31.  Starting February 1, nametags will be $3.
 We have several ways to order ... click below, sign up on Sundays in Kilby Commons, or Steffen Hall Lobby.