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The Book of Romans is the greatest of the great books describing our redemption. In his preface to the 1552 addition of his commentary on Romans, Martin Luther states: “This Epistle is really the chief part of the New Testament and the very purest Gospel and is worthy not only that every Christian should know it word for word, by heart, but occupy himself with it every day, as the daily bread of the soul. It can never be read or pondered too much, and the more it is dealt with the more precious it becomes, and the better it tastes.”

June classes |Sundays | 9:45am-10:45am 

The Book of Genesis for Adults | Jim Keim | Room 2107
Do you remember Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph as simple and noble heroes of faith?  Does Genesis seem unrelated to Christian belief?  If so, then you must be relying on what you learned in Sunday School as a child.  Try seeing Genesis through the eyes of an adult. BYO Bible (or use one of ours).

Current Events Through a Biblical Lens | Bill and Jane Hemberger | Chapel
Each week we will consider and analyze one notable news story through the lens of scripture. Over time, you’ll learn to consistently view the daily news with a Christian perspective, leaning firmly on a foundation of Biblical wisdom and faithfulness. This class is designed to accommodate a more relaxed pace: drop in and drop out as your schedule allows.

Flourishing in the Third Third of Life | Elizabeth Harris | Room 2106
What does it look like to be fully engaged and living with purpose and deep satisfaction in your older years? Join us for this 6-week course as we explore living faithfully and fruitfully in this season of life. Course study guide is $11; advance registration requested by May 21 at:

Tough Questions of Faith – Answered | Terry Grogan | Room 3208
“Surprised by Suffering” Series by Dr. R.C. Sproul (Conclusion)
June 4 - The Resurrection of Christ What Is Heaven Like?
“Who was the Rich Young Ruler?”

June 11 - Thesis by Terry Grogan
“What is Reformed Theology” Series by Dr. R.C. Sproul (i.e., What are the Distinctive Teachings that Presbyterians embrace, and which others will assume you believe when you tell them you go to a Presbyterian Church?)

June 18 - Introduction Catholic, Evangelical, and Reformed

June 25 - Scripture Alone Faith Alone (Part 1)

The Book of Genesis (class taught in Mandarin) | Selina Li | Parlor
Genesis is the book of beginnings, reveals truths about God, this world, our lives, our origin, and our destiny. Study this book not just for information, but to meet God. We can bring our hard questions to Him, approach Him anytime and develop a close relationship with our living God. This class is taught in Mandarin for the convenience of the native speakers of Mandarin so they may learn the word of God effectively.
June 4 - Jacob’s multiplication and prosperity (Genesis 30)
June 11 - Jacob sets forth for Canaan with God’s guidance and protection (Genesis 31)
June 18 - Jacob’s transformative encounter with God before returning to Canaan (Genesis 32)
June 25 - Jacob reunion with Esau and parting in peace (Genesis 33)

Sermon Discussion and Reflection | Beth Daley | Kilby Commons
Gather with us in Kilby Commons for some coffee and conversation. Guided by the sermon reflection discussion questions offered by the pastoral staff, we will go deeper into the morning’s Scripture reading and message. If you worship at the 8:30 service, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the sermon you just heard; if you worship at either of the 11:00 services, this gathering will prepare you for the message you will soon receive.

ESL Study | Pam Behsman | Quilt Room
Designed for our friends for whom English is a second language! Learn to share the Gospel with your English and non-English speaking friends. (Meeting times are flexible. Contact to schedule a time outside of the 9:45 class time).

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