3C's (coffee, community, CLASSES)

Intergenerational Relationships, Transformative Teaching, and Biblical Topics

Sundays 9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m .

Spring  Semester  Classes  (January 7 - April)

Worldview Next Door | Pastor Jim Shultz | Chapel
Our worldview is the foundation of our belief system and impacts how we understand everything around us. You have one. I have one. We all have one. Everybody sees the world through a particular lens, and it impacts how we understand everything around us. Join us as we explore prevalent worldviews in culture today and learn how to engage with those who do not share a Biblical world view. It is our mission as Christians to not only share our worldview with the world around us, but also to learn as much as we can about the worldviews of our neighbors. In this way we can effectively and tactfully influence others for Christ. Class will include several (optional) “field trips” outside of the Sunday 9:45 a.m. hour.

The Role of Women in the Church | Cheryl Eaton & Joanie Brown | Room 3224
Do you have questions about the role of women in the church? Join us, to explore what the Bible says about this topic and how the church has grappled with it through the centuries. We will explore a variety of viewpoints and maybe challenge some popular assumptions.

The Life of David | Jim Keim | Room 2107
The Biblical David was a great man of great contradictions. The leader whom men gladly followed into battle also seems to have been an absentee father to his sons (who killed one another before trying to kill David). The "man after God's own heart" whose poetry sang the worship of God also committed adultery and then tried to cover it up by committing murder. The just judge who was willing to order summary executions also judged himself but received mercy. And we have an excellent firsthand observer's account of David's life (1 Samuel 16 to 1 Kings 2).

Gospel in Culture | Curt Ruhlman | Room 3205
 In a world full of division and partisan politics, it can be difficult to know what to think and how to speak up. Together we will apply Scripture to the most challenging issues we face as a nation. The class is a resource for Christian discipleship, designed to encourage thoughtful evangelical engagement.

Households of Faith | Pastor Robby Cella | Community Room
Parents, you can't live this life of faith alone because faith has never been a solo affair. You need help. God has always wanted you to do life with other people who have the same questions and want the same things for their life and their families. Let's create that space together. Join this group if you're looking for community, connection, and a place to learn about how to
live a life with God and your family at the same time.

Tough Questions of Faith |Terry Grogan | Room 3208
Recovering the Beauty of the Arts - Dr. R.C. Sproul
February 4 - Music: The Handmaiden of Theology; Literature and the Christian
February 11 - Images; Drama and Cinematography
February 18 - Architecture

A Blueprint for Thinking - Dr. R.C. Sproul explores the basic elements of every worldview: epistemology,
 metaphysics, theology; anthropology; and ethics.
February 18 - How Do Know What We Know?
February 25 - What is Beyond the Physical? Who Is the Truth?

Essential Biblical Truth (taught in Mandarin) | Selina Li | Bride’s Room
This study systematically lays a firm foundation for both the gospel and Christian growth. You will learn the key themes of the Bible such as the nature of God, the authority of Scripture, and the profound mysteries of the Trinity. From the creation narrative to redemption through Christ, each session unveils the core biblical principles, providing a solid foundation for a life deeply rooted in faith. Join us on this enlightening journey of discovery and spiritual growth. This class is conducted in Mandarin for the convenience of the Mandarin speakers.
這门課是將系統地為福音和基督徒成長奠定了堅實的基礎。 您將學習聖經的關鍵主題,如上帝的本質,
聖經的權威和三位一體的深刻奧秘。 從創造敘事到透過基督的救贖,每次的議題都揭示了聖經的核心原
則,為深深紮根於信仰的生活提供了堅固的基礎。 請加入我們這個能幫助你啟發和屬靈成長之旅程。為

February 4 - The beginning and the fall of Man: humanity, sin, and its consequences.
February 11 - The person and nature of Christ: fully man and fully God.
February 18 - The Atoning work of Christ; salvation through grace.
February 25 - Covenantal relationship: God's promises and faithfulness. 

ESL Bible Study | Pam Behsman | Quilt Room 
Designed for our friends for whom English is a second language! Learn to share the Gospel with your English and non-English speaking friends. (Meeting times are flexible. Contact pbehsman@charter.net to schedule a time outside of the 9:45 a.m. class time).