3C's (coffee, community, CLASSES)

Intergenerational Relationships, Transformative Teaching, and Biblical Topics

Sundays 9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m .

                                                                May  2024  Classes

Tough Questions of Faith | Terry Grogan | Room 3208
Dust to Glory – Overview of the New Testament video presentation with Dr. R.C. Sproul.                     
May 19 – Hebrews; Introduction to Revelation                    
May 26 - The Christ of Revelation; The Glory of God

Trinity Forum Conversations | Jane Campbell | Chapel
Video-based presentations with equal time for group discussion. Videos feature the best of Christian
thought on the big questions of life and faith. Hosted by Cherie Harder of The Trinity Forum.

May 19 – Character, Virtue, and Leadership with Michael Lamb. The increasing conflict, chaos, and moral confusion of our time has made leadership more challenging, and the role of character increasingly questioned. What does it mean to lead wisely and well?
Is successful leadership defined by “winning”? How is trust built in a cynical age?
May 26 - Disagreeing Well: Is It Possible? with John Inazu. As we seek to faithfully navigate the challenges of a polarized and partisan 2024, we each confront the question: how do we learn to disagree wisely and well? Can people of faith model robust dialogue–and preserve relationships–in good faith without surrendering or downplaying our convictions?

Embark: God’s Plan for Reaching the Nations (and Your Unique Role in It)  | Community Room
Each of us has a critical part to play in completing the Great Commission. The Embark study offers you the chance to better understand the part for which God created you. By the end of this 4-week Bible study, you’ll have a clearer sense of the next steps you can take toward fulfilling the unique call He has placed on your life.  This study will be facilitated by several recent Bonhomme “graduates” of the 16-week Perspectives USA course.
May 19 - God’s Work; Reaching the Muslim World (Denise Hall)
May 26 - God’s Work; Serving as a Sender for Goers (Stuart Campbell)

Living a New Life in Christ (taught in Mandarin) | Selina Li | Bride’s Room
Jesus came to offer His followers an abundant life, yet the journey of Christian living is not without its challenges. How then do we align our lives with the vision Jesus has for us? This study serves as a guide, assisting participants in unraveling the Word of God, discerning His will, and integrating biblical principles into their daily routines.  Join us on this enriching journey into Christian living, where we will explore how to live a life brimming with purpose, potential, and joy.  This class is conducted in Mandarin for the convenience of the Mandarin speakers.
基督徒生活——在基督里过更新的生活 耶稣来是为给祂的跟随者有丰盛的生活,但基督徒生活的旅程并非没有挑战。那么我们如何生活才能与耶稣对我们的异象一致呢?这课程可作为引导和帮助学员解开上帝的话语,明辨祂的旨意,并将圣经原则融入他们的日常生活中。欢迎加入我们这段丰富的基督徒生活之旅,我们将探索如何过着充满目标、潜力和喜乐的生活。
May 19 -  Worship and Praise: Understanding the significance of worship and praise in the Christian life,
both individually and corporately.
2024/ 5/ 19   敬拜与赞美:理解敬拜和赞美在基督徒生活中的重要性,无论是个人或团体。
May 26  -  No class on Memorial Day weekend.
2024/ 5/ 26   长周末暂停上课。

                                                             June 2024 Classes 

Tough Questions of Faith | Terry Grogan | Room 3208
Join us for a summer series focusing on the Olivette Discourse and the Book of Revelation: “The Last Days According to Jesus” (Dr. R.C. Sproul) and “A Survey of The Book of Revelation” (Dr. Kenneth Gentry). Each week will include an episode from each, both present a compelling case for a “Coming of Christ ‘On Clouds’” to oversee the Destruction of the Herodian 2nd Temple in AD 70 – thereby ending the Jewish Age and the Old Covenant whereby sin could atone for with the animal blood sacrifices, replaced by the Age of the Gentiles and a New Covenant whereby sin can only be atoned for by Faith in the eternal blood sacrifice of Christ.
June 2 - Crisis in Eschatology (Sproul); Revelation: Author, Date and Progress (Gentry)
June 9 - Understanding the Parousia (Sproul); Revelation: Jewish Character; Symbolic Nature (Gentry)
June 16 - A Question of Time (Sproul); Revelation: Timing and Themes (Gentry)
June 23 - Literal or Figurative (Sproul); Revelation: John’s Opening (Gentry)
June 30 - This Generation (Sproul): Revelation: Jesus appears to John (Gentry)

Christian Living ( Study in Mandarin) | Selina Li | Bride's Room
June 2 - Faith and Trust: Strengthening one's faith in God and learning to trust Him in all circumstances.
2024/6/ 2 信心与信靠:加强人们对上帝的信心,并学习在任何情况下都信赖祂。
June 9 - Forgive and reconciliation: Exploring biblical teachings on forgiveness, and experiencing the healing power of reconciliation. 2024/ 6/ 9 宽恕与和好:探索圣经中関于宽恕的教义,体验和好的疗愈力量。
June 16 - Fruits of the Spirit: Developing godly character and living with integrity in all areas of life.
2024/ 6/ 16 圣灵的果子:培养敬虔的品格,并在生活的各层面都有正直行为。
June 23 - Surrender and obedience: Learning to surrender our will to God’s and obeying His commands.
2024/ 6/ 23 降服与服从:学习将我们的意志降服于上帝并服从祂的命令。
June 30 - Community and Fellowship: Emphasizing the importance of belonging to a Christian community and experiencing fellowship with other believers.
2024/ 6/ 30 社群与团契:强调参与基督徒社群并体验与其他信徒团契的重要性。
July 7 - Gratitude and Contentment: Cultivating an attitude of gratitude and finding contentment in God's provision and sovereignty. 2024/ 7/ 7 感恩和知足:培养感恩的态度,并在神的供应和主权中找到满足。

Encouragement from Death Row | Guest Instructor - George Mimms | Room 3205
Join us as we walk through 2 Timothy, the final letter of the apostle Paul as he sits on death row awaiting execution by beheading. Many willingly embrace the community of Christ, but are suspect of the fellowship found in suffering that is inevitable for all who choose to live Godly (2 Tim 3:12). We will explore Paul’s moving letter to his young protégé Timothy on how to continue sharing the gospel despite the threat of death and persecution, and uncover Paul’s message for today’s church. Guest teacher, George Mimms, is an ordained pastor and Principal at the Freedom School.

Discover Jesus | Steve Aeschbacher | Room 2107
Join Pastor Steve to dig deeper into who Jesus calls us to be. We'll be using the Discovery Bible Study method, which is used around the world to help people grow as disciples. It is easy, fun, and applicable to your life!

Flourishing in the 3rd Third | Elizabeth Harris | 2106
Back by popular demand… Faithful. Fruitful. Flourishing. What if those three words could describe the third third of your life? Anchored in Scripture and enriched by science and other disciplines, this course will equip individuals in and near retirement age to live faithfully and fruitfully and experience abundant and purposeful life. A course study guide is $11; advance registration is requested.