Learn, Grow, and Engage with Scripture and Biblical Topics | Offered Sundays at 9:45 am

Sundays | 9:45am-10:45am 

How Do We Know Christianity is True? | Rev. Jim Shultz | Chapel

We believe in Christianity. Can we know it? This class will equip you to know with confidence that Christianity is true every bit as much as you know anything else is true.

Households of Faith | Rev. Robby Cella | Community Room

Join in the fun as we connect, learn, and do life together. We’re building thriving households which live out the gospel, for the love of our families, our neighborhoods and the world.
January 29: First Steps Toward Vibrant Spiritual Homes
February 5: Bible Project “How to Read the Bible 1”
February 12: Bible Project “How to Read the Bible 2”
February 19: Bible Project “Biblical Themes: Heaven and Earth”
February 26: Bible Project “Biblical Themes: Temple”

The Book of Romans | Steve Lucas | Room 2107

The Book of Romans is the greatest of the great books describing our redemption. In his preface to the 1552 addition of his commentary on Romans, Martin Luther states: “This Epistle is really the chief part of the New Testament and the very purest Gospel and is worthy not only that every Christian should know it word for word, by heart, but occupy himself with it every day, as the daily bread of the soul. It can never be read or pondered too much, and the more it is dealt with the more precious it becomes, and the better it tastes.”

Tough Questions of Faith—Answered, Video Series: | Terry Grogan | Room 3208

Moses and the Burning Bush—Dr. RC Sproul
January 29: A Divine Mission; A Shadow of Christ

What Did Jesus Do?—Dr. RC Sproul
February 5: Incarnation and Infancy Hymns
February 12: Boy Jesus in the Temple and Baptism
February 19: Temptation and Transfiguration
February 26: Triumphal Entrance and Last Supper

Sermon on the Mount: Called to be Different | Curt Ruhlman | Room 2106

The Sermon on the Mount is not simply a list of rules to follow, it is an invitation to live under grace and experience blessings and rewards from a living Christ–like life.
January 29: The Importance of Obeying God’s Law  [Matthew 5:17-20]
February 5: What’s Wrong with Private Sins? [Matthew 5:21-30]
February 12: Faithfulness in Marriage Speech [Matthew 5:31-37; 19:3-9]
February 19: How to Really Love Your Enemies [Matthew 5:38-48]
February 26: How Not to Be Religious [Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18]

The Book of Genesis (class taught in Mandarin) | Selina Li | Parlor

Genesis is the book of beginnings, reveals truths about God, this world, our lives, our origin, and our destiny. Study this book not just for information, but to meet God. We can bring our hard questions to Him, approach Him anytime and develop a close relationship with our living God. This class is taught in Mandarin for the convenience of the native speakers of Mandarin so they may learn the word of God effectively.
January 29:The separation of Abram and Lot (Genesis 13:5-18)
February 5: Abram rescues Lot and meet with Melchizedek [Genesis 14]
February 12: The Lord’s Covenant Promise to Abram [Genesis 15]
February 19: The birth of Ishmael [Genesis 16]
February 26: God affirms his Covenant and Promise of Isaac [Genesis 17]

ESL Study | Pam Behsman | Quilt Room

Designed for our friends for whom English is a second language! Learn to share the Gospel with your English and non-English speaking friends.
Meeting times are flexible. Contact to schedule a time outside of the 9:45 class time.

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