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On Sundays, you will hear a sermon from one of our pastors rooted in the Bible and sharing the words of Jesus. Our Traditional Worship is in a more formal, sanctuary setting with organ and piano, often with our Bonhomme Chancel Choir singing hymns. Modern Worship takes place in the less-formal setting of Steffen Hall. Christian praise music is led by our Praise Band and the atmosphere is come-as-you-are casual. Each service lasts a little over an hour.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park?

In general, if you prefer to attend Traditional Worship in our Sanctuary, we suggest you park in the lot that is adjacent to Conway Road. If you are attending Modern Worship in Steffen Hall, please park in the lot adjacent to Highway 64/40. 

What do I wear?

The true answer is anything you’d like. We always say that God doesn’t care what you’re wearing. However, if you would like to plan your outfit around what others worshiping with you will be wearing, then, it’s safe to say that individuals who attend Traditional Worship typically are dressed in “business casual” attire while those who attend Modern Worship are dressed casually.

How do I handle my noisy toddler during worship?

As Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me…” Your children are always welcome during worship at Bonhomme. During the 10:30 am service we offer Kids Church, a worship service designed for first through fifth graders. We also offer childcare in our nursery for children aged six months and older. Our childcare providers are loving, caring members of Bonhomme who volunteer for our ministry. For details, click here

How can my children and teens get involved?

As parents, you might have a different perspective when joining a church. You want more for your coming-of-age children and you want a firm foundation of faith for them. Our Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry are strong and thriving, with classes, events and mid-week studies. Thomas and Robby lead vibrant ministries that can help mentor children of all ages.

I really enjoy worshiping at Bonhomme. What is my next step?

Talk to someone! All you have to do is simply talk to one of our Guest Ministry hosts on Sunday mornings and fill out a Connection Card. A Bonhomme member will reach out to you and offer to guide you through our church:  uncover ministries and programs in which you might want to get involved; learn about our church’s history as well as our vision for the future; discover how you can grow in faith at Bonhomme, but also how Bonhomme can grow with you and your gifts. If you’d like to talk to someone please contact Elizabeth Harris, Director of Adult Ministry. 



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