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Student Ministry Upcoming Events

Mid–Week MixUpMid-Week MixUp is sporadic events throughout the summer on Wednesdays, perfect for inviting friends, we will join together for lunch, bible study, and activity. 
June 9: Bible Study, Lunch and a Hike at Castlewood Park.  Drop off at 12pm at Bonhomme / Pick up at 5pm at Bonhomme
Thrive at Bonhomme: The Summer Concert Series, Thrive at Bonhomme, will be exactly that. The hope of Thrive at Bonhomme is to create a fun worship environment where students from across our city can come together as one church, one body of believers, and one family united under Christ. Students invite all of your friends; Thrive at Bonhomme will be an incredible outward–focused event to bring the community together.
June 13 | 6:30-9pm | Worship, Speaker, Christian Guard
Six-Flags: Register HERE
June 16 | Drop off at Bonhomme at 10am / Pick up at Bonhomme at 6pm.  
Pool Party Join us to swim, play games, and eat pizza at the McDonald’s house. 
June 23 | 4:30pm-8 pm
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