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Student Ministry Upcoming Events

Midweek Mix-up | Slip ‘n Slide Kickball | August 4

Next Wednesday, August 4, there is a change to the Summer Calendar. Instead of meeting at the church and then going to city museum for the Midweek Mix-up we will be staying at the church and playing SLIPN’ SLIDE KICKBALL. We will still meet at the church at noon for lunch and Bible Study then head out to the RecPlex field for an intense game of kickball. Where a swimsuit and/or clothes that can get wet.


Student Ministry at the St. Louis Zoo | August 8 
Student Ministry will also be going to the St. Louis Zoo on August 8 after the Modern Service. We will drive from Bonhomme together. Pick up will be at Bonhomme at 4pm. Students will need to bring money for food and drink at the zoo.
Thrive at Bonhomme | August 29
It is never too early to mark your calendars for Sunday August 29, our last THRIVE of the summer. Students we want you to bring the same excitement and energy that you brought to the last Thrive. Keep inviting your friends and we will continue to gather students from across St. Louis to worship as one church and one body of believers!
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