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A message from Student Ministry Director, Cam Coppelli, about the COVID-19 pandemic:
Dear Student Ministry Family,
First and foremost: I pray that all of you are healthy and stocked up on supplies. If you need anything at all, please let me know.
Second, I trust that you received Bonhomme’s decision regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In summary, Bonhomme is “…taking our civic leaders’ direction and suspending all church activities for eight weeks.” This includes all student ministry activities. While this news is disappointing, it is in the best interest of everyone. Many of you will have questions about student ministry plans. I’ve included an FAQ section at the bottom of this page.
On another note, I’m so thankful that we live in age of technological opportunity. We may not be able to meet in person, but we can meet online. I’ve put together a plan to leverage technology so that student ministry can still “meet.” It’s a customized model for Bonhomme called Student Ministry Online (SMO). All students, parents, and small group leaders are invited to participate in SMO. Please consider prioritizing SMO in your weekly family rhythm.
Please see the graphic below for how this will work: 👇👇👇
As you can see, SMO will launch on 3/25. Meanwhile, please make sure that you’ve done all of the following:

Student Ministry FAQ

How does COVID-19 impact student ministry’s spring calendar?
Growth Hour, Growth Night, and all other spring calendar events are canceled, postponed, or will be “re-imagined” digitally.
How will we provide regular teaching to students?
We will be using the SMO Model outlined in the above graphic. Parents are encouraged to participate with their students! Please follow us on Instagram; add Camden Coppelli as a friend on YouVersion.
Can small groups still meet?
Small groups cannot meet physically. Cam is encouraging small group leaders to reach out to their groups via cards, texts, Skype, Zoom, etc. Small group leaders are also encouraged to participate in the SMO Model.
What will happen with Alpha?
We made it through the first three weeks of Alpha. I hope to re-launch Alpha in the fall during Growth Hour.
What will happen with Confirmation?
The Confirmation retreat is canceled. The Confirmation dinner and Confirmation Sunday are postponed. Drew is working on providing online teaching to finish the curriculum. Our ultimate goal is to have students finish their faith statements. We hope that students can be confirmed whenever physical church comes back together.
What about summer trips?
As of now, summer trips are still on. I receive frequent updates from Generate, but have not heard from Great Escape. COVID-19 may impact summer trips depending on how long it sticks around. It may have already impacted your summer plans. If you previously RSVP’d, but no longer plan to attend, please let me know.
What about a summer calendar?
I had nearly completed our summer calendar before the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 is bound to change some summer plans/events. I will edit and release it when things calm down.
What are some resources that parents can rely on during this season?
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding:
The Source 4 Parents:
How is Cam spending his days?
Right now I’m working normal hours. Staff has been asked to sanitize their offices and respective church spaces. My major project has been/will be SMO. If you have any innovative ideas of how to reach our students, please let me know!
Stay Safe,